About Us

Welcome to Decorative Embroidery by Ellen!  

When we first started out in the craft business we made stuffed crochet draft dodgers and stuffed animals and our business was known as Stuffin.  This just didn\'t go too far so we needed to do something different.  We found a lady who did the embossed pillows and we thought that would be something we could do.  It unbelievably took off like wild fire.  Then while vacationing in Florida we came across a person selling tapestry panels and we thought what a great addition to our line.  No one in Upstate New York was selling these. Boy were we glad we did that move - people love them.  
Frank and Ellen A couple of years ago while at a Jo-Ann\'s we stopped at the Viking store and watched this embroidery machine work with no one around working it.  It amazed Ellen and she became taken by this machine.  We started out with a small machine but eventually wanted the best.  (Frank thought Ellen was nuts but has since changed his mind as he sees the sales come in).
Ellen works a full time job as an office manager for a local hearing aid dealer. Frank, is retired from the paving business but works part time as a driver taking people to appointments. When we both officially retire, we look forward to continuing with our craft business. Something we will really enjoy doing during our retirement years. 
We have a daughter, Sharon, who is married and has three children.  Sharon and her children are our support staff. They help us with craft show set up and break down.  We also have a wonderful sister-in-law who helps stuff the pillows.  We could not do all that we do without the support of our family and friends.
Our wonderful crafting friend, Knits & Bits by Linda, has been telling us for a couple of years that we needed to get an internet presence with a web site to introduce our products to other folks.  So in 2004 we started putting together this web site.  It continues to be a work in progress and without Linda\'s help and the help of Carey Sevier we wouldn\'t have known where to start and how to keep it going.   So come and grow with us in this new and exciting endeavor.